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  Preserved flowers, Eternal flowers?

The stabilization process begins with an extra-fresh flower, picked at its peak of radiance and beauty. It is then immersed in a bath of alcohol to empty it of its sap, then in a bath of natural glycerine which freezes it. Thus, its suppleness, youth and color are preserved (almost) forever. We then speak of a stabilized flower which becomes “ eternal ”.

A rendering identical to the freshly cut flower, to the eye and to the touch which has nothing comparable to the dried flower .

We also perfume our flowers with rose scent for a beautiful olfactory experience.

The plus: this know-how has a very low ecological impact and most producers work 100% organic

How to maintain your composition of stabilized flowers?

There is no need to water it! Indeed, even if it is totally indistinguishable from a bright fresh flower, a preserved flower no longer contains water.

From time to time, a light dusting is enough.

Remember that the sun is the enemy of any color and the preserved flower is no exception: avoid exposing it to the sun.

Let's protect our planet

We wanted to have a reduced ecological footprint by using stabilized flowers. We refuse to participate in the intensive production of the flowers and to have recourse to air transport, which is compulsory because of their very short lifespan.

The eternal preserved flower then became obvious: not only did it guarantee a product that you could enjoy at home longer, but frozen in its youth, it limits the ecological impact, allowing transport by boat .

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